Reviews of 'A Weaver Of Dreams'

'I kept telling myself that high expectations are usually followed by disappointment. But not in this case. I heard a wonderful flute player whose style is so unique, so sensitive and at the same time self-assured , that his way of playing should be labelled 'Guidi-ism'.....the flutes whispered out of two very contented loud speakers.'
Mick Boskamp, music critic Dutch 'Playboy' magazine.

'This cd contains a set of strong swinging improvisations and ballads where Peter Guidi on flute, alto flute and bass flute, opens all imaginable avenues of expression. He uses of special articulation techniques, vocalising and multiphonics to magical effect. These are recordings that make the words of Wynton Marsalis "Music making is having fun," come true. The music comes across in such a relaxed way that I would describe it as 'music from heart to heart'. A special mention should be made to Peter's composition 'Too Soon,' for its emotional content, its melody of simple beauty and for the effective combination of bass flute and arco double bass. Buy it!'
Koen van Slogteren, 'Fluit' magazine, Holland.

'A fresh music which is also firmly anchored in the traditions of jazz, an spacious music which is also full of melodic and harmonic content. Plus the sobriety of the acoustic trio formula (flute, piano, double bass, without drums) gives a true sense of completeness to a recording containing an uncommon amount of lyricism and warmth. To dive into this universe is like rediscovering an inner harmony and a feeling of well being bestowed by a sincere musical language. It is enough to listen to Peter Guidi to let oneself be persuaded:
"In fact playing the bass flute is very Zen like - you have to be very intense and completely relaxed at the same time. It's a paradox. In order to make it sound you have to become it. If you blow too hard nothing happens. I mean nothing! You can give it more power by singing with it or by using percussive sounds but either way, if you want it to play, you have to get inside the nature of the thing - find its centre."
His search for a warm, expressive sound has led him to use a wooden flute, and his use of multiphonics, percussive sounds and vocalising are an example of his interest in contemporary flute techniques as well as the influence of folk traditions such as Sardinian folk songs.'
Flutist Elizabeth Couette, 'Traversieres' magazine, France.

'He swings, he is lyrical, he vocalises with the flute even producing three note chords by playing two notes and singing the third. Everything is produced acoustically and sounds totally natural.'
Goudsche Courant, Holland.

'Flutist Peter Guidi is accompanied on ‘A Weaver of Dreams' by Michel Herr on the piano and Riccardo del Fra on the bass. And on drums? .....Nobody. But it is nevertheless very good, swinging jazz. So, put your headphones on when you go into the practise cabin because it's a great recording for practising your jazz basics, while the playful girations through which Guidi puts his flute still leave space for an imaginative drum part.'
Hugo Pinksterboer, ‘Slagwerkkrant', the Dutch drummer's magazine.

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